What is Sound and Vibrational healing?


Everyone has a vibration that is a signature of their health and wellbeing.     Similar to a musical instrument that can fall out of tune through use, our bodies can also fall out of vibrational harmony and potentially develop illness.   Stress and negativity create blockages of a healthy flow of energy showing up in the energy field (Aura) around our body as lower energy disturbances at first, and later as illness in our physical body.


Sound and vibration can be used to re-tune us to health and one of the most powerful modalities for this is the use of Tibetan singing bowls.  When there is a deep relaxation through soothing resonant sounds, the body is affected on a cellular level, opening up the flow of energy to move us back toward vibrational alignment with health.


Sound can help us shift our energy frequency from lower to higher, removing the lower frequencies of emotions such as fear, anger and resentment.  In fact, whenever you are immersed in lower frequency emotions you can simply chant ‘OM’ to elevate your energy.


Quantum physics has proven that everything has vibration whether it’s a table, a chair, a person, a planet, or a cosmos and wherever there is a sound, there is a vibration.  When we use sound coupled with intention, which is the most important aspect of healing, we can direct sound to raise the body’s vibrational frequency.  Negative energy can make us physically ill or mentally depressed




Each bowl emits a soothing vibration that radiates out negative energy, which is restricting your ability to reach your full physical, spiritual and mental health.  Once your negative energy is radiated out through the vibration of the bowls, you’re ready to allow yourself to live in healthy harmony with the immense energy of our seven creative planets.


Healing through sound and vibration has been known to reduce stress, improve concentration, reduce blood pressure, improve immunity, harmonize the chakras heighten intuition and perception, remove mental and emotional negativity and enhance creativity.


Most importantly, stress is at the root of many of our twenty-first century diseases and it’s through relaxation of the body that balance, health and happiness can be restored.  


Who are the Vibrational healing treatments suitable for?

As a natural healing system, vibrational healing treatments are suitable for everyone, from young babies through to adults - as it is a safe, non-invasive treatment.  It can be used alongside other complementary therapies, or conventional medicine. 

Singing Bowl healing is administered on a massage mattress on the floor with the recipient lying fully clothed.  Treatments are fantastic for people who just want to de-stress, improve their general well-being or for those who may be suffering from an emotional or physical illness or injury.