July 2013 - Sam says:

Maureen is the most wonderful Yoga teacher, i am very easily irritated by poor teaching and need very little to put me off doing exercise! I started attending Yoga classes on the recomendation of my Physio who also happens to me my partner. I was sure i wouldn't be very good at it and indeed i felt so weak and incompetent at it that i had to treat the sessions as medicine to compel myself to go. I was immediately bowled over by Maureen's calm, patience, good humour, grace and expertise and it took just a few weeks of regular practice to get my back pain under control, a few weeks more for my long term back problems to have abated. I now love going to Yoga and am desperately sad to have to stop being one of Maureen's Yogis because of a move away from Coventry. Namaste Maureen and thank you for everything x

June 2013 - Fliss says:

I was very fortunate to attend Maureen Thomson's yoga retreat in Cieplice Poland May 2013 despite being a sporadic attendee to her yoga classes. I met Maureen through my partner Nev attending her yoga classes in Coventry. I mentioned I would love to attend the yoga retreat when it was mentioned in 2012. However, it was cancelled but I did request she contact me if it was going to go ahead for 2013. As good as her word, despite my non attendance to her classes, as both Nev and I now reside in Wolverhampton Maureen contacted me and I was very fortunate to be able to reserve a place. With regards to Maureen, I have yet to find a yoga teacher that surpasses her holistic approach in all aspects of her yoga practise in each session. Whether you are experienced or not, you are able to follow her well thought and practised seamlessly guided classes. Whilst Her verbal prompts aid your adjustment, her ability to demonstrate postures with ease leaves you in awe. She always reminds us of our own practise and never to compete. Her tone is exquisite when it comes to meditation and relaxation (the latter, I do well). The organisation of the trip was not to be faulted. There were constant updates lots of information given and nothing was too much trouble. There was not a lot of time to explore Celepi due to our packed timetable with spa treatments and yoga. The hotel was beautiful with great architectural design throughout, clean and served wonderful food. Finally, I was in some doubt about spending a whole week with 13 women and 1 fella, but I have to confess, It was truly inspirational. There were so many talented and motivated individuals of all ages with really invigorating energy. I felt positively rejuvenated and blessed to have been able to share conversations and practise within their company. A big thank you to you all.  Fliss


June 2013   Kate says:

I have been attending Maureen's class for the past couple of years and have just been on my first Yoga retreat which was a wonderful experience. For anyone wanting to try Yoga Maureen provides an excellent class and I am constantly learning new things about Yoga.


May 2013   Amber says:

Maureen was kind enough to support me through my own Yoga Teacher Training journey and I thank her so much for that. She is an inspiration to all yogis and yoginis and I recommend her to anyone I meet. Her approach is open, honest, warm and friendly and she is a gem in the yoga world! Her yoga is beautiful, challenging and life changing! Don't miss an opportunity to take a class with her - I can't recommend her highly enough! Amber


December 2012   Alison says:

I have been attending Maureen's classes for the last four months and they are fantastic. She is a sensitive and considerate teacher who focuses on the soul of yoga and what it can give us. She is an inspiration and I feel my practice has progressed and deepened since I started, even though I don't have much time (or space!) for self practice. Thanks a lot Maureen I'm so glad I know you!

November 2011     Lyn says:
Had the most wonderful 'Reike' session with Maureen yesterday. The ambience in the room was amazing. I have been so busy with work and have had a few illnesses this year which have made me feel a little low in myself lately. But Maureen chatted to me at the beginning and the end of the session which really added to the quality of the whole experience.The 'Reiki' itself was so calming and relaxing, I almost fell fast asleep and felt in a much more positive state of mind all the way home. Thank you Maureen!
November 2011   Dave says:
Since I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at the age of 18 I have been seeking a remedy/cure from both conventional and alternative therapies.  It was my wife who encouraged me to go along with her to one of Maureen's classes as she had found it to be both physically and emotionally beneficial to her.  With an open mind I started to attend the class and 12+ months later I am now a fully signed up member of the class.  The improvement to my overall fitness and energy level has increased significantly and am pleased to say I have been symptom and drug-free since practising yoga once a week.  I would whole heartedly encourage anyone experiencing low energy, an emotional or physical health condition to contact Maureen to find out if yoga would benefit them as it has done for me.---Dave.     

October 2011   Jo says:

Reiki has to be the most amazing gift a person can give another human. After having reiki with maureen, i now feel amazing. After a few days, my energy has now returned and once again i am feeling so postive about the world. Thankyou maureen, your so kind and full of love. You are an inspiration. Love and light. x


August 2011  Sue Says:

I was having great difficulties with mobility and in some considerable pain in my hips, back & feet. I also had intermittent sciatica. Since joining Maureen's "Gentle Yoga for OAP's" class my life has been transformed. The sciatica has gone, the depression caused by permanent pain has lifted & I am able to work in my garden again. I recommend this type of class for anyone who has back & hip problems. You don't have to be over 60!

August 2011 - Jo says:Maureens classes are amazing. i love doing yoga with maureen. She's a gentle yet encouraging teacher who helps her students to maintain good posture whilst still learning strong new poses and gives you the confidence to feel you can achieve the impossible. Thankyou maureen for being a fantastic teacher. Your kind and gentle ways have helped me in so many ways and the breathing techniques that you teach have been of great benefit to my overall health and well being. I always look forward to your classes each week. Love and light. Jo x

May 2011 - Vikki says:

Maureen is fab , always there for you and a brillant teacher , i go very irregular to classes but she is always so welcoming when you go back , thank you x


July 2011 Lyn says:

Yes, it's Lyn again and I've now been going to Maureen's class for just over a year. For a time last year I was starting to go twice a week which made even more of a difference to how I felt. There are a few of us on a Friday who have been going for as long and we find we are all strong at different things and need support with different things. Maureen is really encouraging. It's such a friendly group and a great way to have some time just for yourself. 

July 2010 Lyn says:
I've been going to Maureen's class on a Friday for a few weeks now. It's wonderful as I go straight from work so no going home first. Friday is so busy for me and this is such a lovely end to the day and a great start to the weekend. I look forward to it so much. It's time just for yourself to relax and really feel you're doing something good for your body, I'm noticing differences already!!! Maureen's so calm and friendly, and encourages everyone in how they are progressing as the weeks go on. When you've got such a busy life, it's fantastic to just stop and well...just stop! While you're doing some stretches of course!!


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