Message from Maureen


My motivation to teach yoga is to share with others the benefits that I personally have discovered from its regular practise. People are always searching for ways to be healthy and for ways to be happy and through my exposure to Yoga  I have found great health and happiness and really love being able to pass on my wonderful experiences to others.

I’ve been practicing Yoga for about 12 years and am a qualified Sun Power Yoga Teacher and a member of the Register of Exercise Professional (REPS level 3), however there is always more to learn about the amazing subject of Yoga and my learning continues on a daily basis through my self practice and study.

One of the best things about teaching Yoga is meeting all the students that come to classes each week.  Yoga attracts people from all walks of life, all with their own unique reasons for coming to Yoga classes and what I really love is to see how these diverse groups of people connect instantly through Yoga.

I so look forward to each of my classes each week – its great meeting up with different groups of friends every week and sharing the challenges and incredible rewards of each Yoga Practice.  

Hope to see you at a class soon.

Love & light