Please wear anything comfortable, such as a T-shirt and shorts or leggings, loose trousers and a top. You will not need footwear or socks once you are in the class as it is recommended that you do Yoga in bare feet.


Yoga mats are available at the class, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer.   High quality Yoga Mats can be purchased at classes for £15 per mat.

Blocks, belts and blankets to assist practice are also available at classes.   Regular students may bring their own. .

Before The Class

  • Don't eat immediately before a class. You should leave four hours before the class to digest a heavy meal and at least an hour to digest a light snack or drink. You shouldn't need a drink during the class but can bring something to drink at the end if you would like to. .
  • Before the class begins please ensure you tell the teacher about any injuries or illnesses.

Will The Class Be All Women?

No. More and more men are beginning to realise the benefits of Yoga.   Yoga is now being taught on a weekly basis to all of the Manchester United football team to increase overall fitness and minimise injuries in the players. The English Cricket Board also recommends Iyengar Yoga to their players.

The postures are a challenge to all. Yoga pays no regard to colour, creed or sex: all can take part.

Will Everyone Be Young And Fit?

All ages come to Yoga classes, so you won't feel left out. One of the great bonuses of Yoga over most sports is that you can continue to do it into old age, and yet it is still challenging to the young and fit.

Does One's Body Size Matter?

All shapes and sizes are found in yoga classes. The classes are not slimming clubs, but the postures do tone the muscles and help to condition the body generally, so everyone, regardless of their starting point will feel fitter, stronger and healthier.